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I know you are no longer the same person, that I can easily and so vividly recall, I once noticed through the corners of my eyes - saw them getting excited when a pair of sunglasses had arrived for them. The adorable vibe that they were giving off was so innocent and joyful, and yet so alluring. I understood that this person was deriving quite some serious pleasure in the knowledge of torment that these sunglasses of theirs would be for us - that they get to hide themselves from us and not reveal who they really are. Now, I have no idea of who you really are, what you have become, anymore.

Please don't panic over this message or any other that would follow. I am here, not going away, just behind the semantic veil that separates us. This semantic veil is so thin, so fragile that even a single empty, yet tangible, blow from you can shatter it and have us come out of the deadlock. I don't understand the reason for your non-replies, but I am sure you have the most unbeatable reason. You chose to neither give up nor back down. I am not sure whether to admonish you somewhat or admire you even more.

I understand that you want your freedom. I am desirous of freedom too, as much as you if not more. And I am not the one to keep you down.